Working on your health analytics strategy?

We provide professional data, analytics, and AI consulting for a learning health system.

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Data & Analytics

Looking to implement data models, metadata, and analytic FAIR practices? We'll help design and run your cloud architecture, operations, and teaming.

Multi-Modal Tools

Science is multi-modal and so are we. We help you adopt better software and build custom tools. Clinical, imaging, molecular, genomics, wearables we like it all!

Governance & Partnerships

We can help you develop policies, bio/AI ethics, data agreements, and standards adoption to enrich your capacity. We'll even help establish the right partnerships when most strategic.

"Datadex makes it possible to map your data or look for intersections of that data with other companies."

- Creative Destruction Lab Advisor

About Us

We are a Toronto based company leading innovation in health research data, translation, standards, linking, and analytics. We love to talk about science, discovery, security, and simplicity...

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