Maximize analytics and AI insights

Datadex increases your data's value by connecting them into a holistic data view, enabling you to use more data to drive critical insights. Accelerate data cleaning, find matching data, link entities between datasets privately, and easily discover and exchange data with other parties without compromising privacy or IP.


Render unified and cleaned data at scale

Datadex connects to unstructured and structured data. Using statistical and machine learning methods, Datadex accelerates and improves the accuracy of your data cleaning and transformation procedures. Focus more on your analytics and models while Datadex helps you with data prepartion and feature engineering.


Augment your data

Create multiple data transformations for each raw dataset and index their enhanced metadata on the cloud. Now you can explore which datasets can be combined using Datadex's smart metadata matching algorithms and private probabilistic entity linking.


Implement data governance and compliance

Datadex gives you the ability to create data access policies to control who can access the data, how the data should be used, and what the data can be used for. With fine grain controls, Datadex enables you to specify the individual data elements that can be shared with other team members and third-party users.


Exchange data securely with fine controls

Datadex’s hybrid architecture allows direct data transfer from client-to-client through a secure network tunnel. You can choose the version of your data to share, and with whom to share it without storing data on the cloud.



We're a team of experts in big data, AI, privacy, and analytics with backgrounds in research, health, and industry. Contact us for more information about Datadex and our professional services.

Datadex Team
We're also proud to be members of the Upside Foundation to give back to positive social causes:

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Connect with us to learn more about our Datadex hybrid solution stack. We also provide professional services for your data integration, analytics, and AI needs. We can help you evaluate your current data status, plan for an analytics and AI ready future, and execute.


We offer business discovery consulting services to companies seeking to achieve innovation in data analytics and AI driven services or insights. We help customers prepare themselves to solve business challenges with data analytic pilot projects.

We have developed an end to end solution framework called Enterprise Application Platform (EAP). We use it as the starting point to help small, medium, and large customers bridge existing technology gaps to take full advantage of data analytics to solve business challenges and innovate in their business. We serve multiple industry sectors with an initial focus on finance, government and health.

We fully support users registered on our Datadex Cloud solution and actively build new data connectors and data pre-processing algorithms as a service. In addition, we support deployments of Datadex on private clouds to meet more stringent business requirements.

Datadex connects to data sources and uniquely extracts enhanced metadata to accelerate data comparisons while preserving privacy. The resulting data index allows businesses analysts and data scientists to gain in depth knowledge about available data. In addition, Datadex manages data access policies and authorization processes, to facilitate secure data access and compliant governance so that separate business units can collaborate and exchange data for augmentation while enforcing regulatory requirements.


Learn more about how we can help you maximize the value of your data and accelerate your insights! We'll schedule a demo that meets your preferred workflows.


What are you most interested in?



Learn more about how we can help you maximize the value of your data and accelerate your insights! We'll schedule a demo that meets your preferred workflows.


What are you most interested in?