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Allow our team to help you achieve excellence in data analytics and AI through rigorous assessment of the health of your data, your business objectives, your analytics abilities and opportunities for AI solutions. Give us 6 weeks to engage in the discovery of your data, team, software, and procedures and we will produce recommendations to take your data analytics and AI operations to the next level with time and cost savings as an outcome.


We offer business discovery consulting services to companies seeking to achieve innovation in data analytics and AI driven services and insights. We help customers prepare themselves to solve business challenges with data analytic pilot projects. By interviewing your team, learning about your data, understanding your operating procedures, and perhaps most importantly, identify your data related business objectives, we can help you solve your data challenges, support new product design and development, identify real potential analytical outcomes and find new opportunities to deploy AI enabled insights. We serve multiple industry sectors with an initial focus on health, banking, government and retail.


Business Discovery services

Recently we’ve worked with the local government to identify valuable data that could be transformed and combined to generate new insights related to their disbursement of funding to various agencies across geographies. This resulted in a much deeper understanding that was previously challenging and time consuming to compile. With our proposed technology pipeline the government now has the opportunity to reach these insights in minutes instead of days or even weeks.

Data science & AI services

We have worked with a number of companies working with little upfront data aiming at delivering brand new mobile and web services to customers relating to their retail products. By identifying suitable unsupervised AI methods, we helped two recent client by developing new algorithms and web API services to deliver better recommendations to their customers.

“When you engage in any kind of analysis, you need to find data available, prepare it, clean it, and integrate different datasets to have a larger corpus of information. What Datadex does is integrate all those things.”


Datadex offers a hybrid family of tools that adapt to various customer data environments and regulatory needs.


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