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Datadex helps you connect to your source data, standardize it, and catalog it for down stream users. Your analytics team or third party AI developer can now explore privacy preserving metadata and request access to the best data for their job. You control access down to the column and share via our cloud data bucket or via direct secure transfer. Our family of tools adapt to various customer data environments and regulatory needs. By adopting state of the art security and Privacy by Design practices data is kept safe, while maximizing its quality, value, and interoperability. Save time, promote innovation, and maximize the value of your data - start Datadexing!

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Datadex Cloud

Datadex Cloud is the centralized cloud service that stores enriched metadata indices, enables powerful data search and matching based on enriched metadata for augmentation, performs privacy-preserving entity linking between any two datasets on-demand, stores data access and governance rules, and orchestrates data exchanges between users. Importantly, no raw data is stored on Datadex Cloud but only enriched metadata or select cryptographically processed data are stored. Datadex Cloud can be interfaced via its modern web interface or via REST API endpoints for greater integration.

Datadex Prem

Datadex Prem is a desktop application with a friendly user interface to facilitate the connection to data sources without copying or storing duplicate data. From Datadex Prem, users connect to data, perform quality control over their data, create multiple transformations for any connected dataset, process data into enriched metadata for indexing on Datadex Cloud, schedule data indexing, and manage data exchanges.

Datamodels API

This is the AI engine behind Datadex delivering data transformations and inferencing. It serves REST API endpoints for easy integration with other data tools. For example, users can load data columns and combine them into unique analytical jobs to explore quality, variance, clustering, classification, etc. Customers can use our public cloud provisioned instance or install this instance locally to meet their requirements.

“Sales data and customer traffic data in shopping malls come from a dynamic environment. It needs Datadex to update the linked data sets that they create on a regular basis.”

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We are a team with over 50 combined years of experience in data science, artificial intelligence, software engineering, and user experience design.


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